Friday, December 08, 2006

My Best Self

Rather than make a resolution for New Years, I intend to make life changes that may actually make a difference - either in my life or others.

In some cases, the changes may seem frivolous. Some will be home improvements - intended to make my life easier or more organized... which in turn make me more productive - making more time to help someone else.

I'll be working on my house with the help of Apartment Therapy
My budget needs some serious attention (especially if I'm going to make home purchases!) Much of this site will concentrate on my decisions and changes in my home. Part of that goal is organization. But the great goal is to make my home a true reflection of myself so that guests will feel more welcome and comfortable.

Exercise will be a priority as well, because I want my body back! A health setback is partially responsible for depleting my muscle tone and I need to ease back in. My doctor insists that I take it slow... but my goal is to see dramatic physical changes by this time next year.

That of course is related to my next goal: I sort of took the year off dating in 2006, so 2007 has to be the year that I meet someone really special. (God willing!) and I want to look good for him - whoever he is!

Work is also a priority but I don't know how much of that will end up here.

This space is intended to track my progress and hold me accountable. Thanks for stopping by!