Monday, May 25, 2009

At Least I'm Trying

I found myself close to Red Rocks again today so I went up to do the stairs again.

I even jogged a little bit. I have to start slow so even if I look like a wuss, I just have to do it.

First I stepped up the seats - leading with the right leg... then back down to the bottom to go up again leading with the left leg. Wow gee, my left leg is really weak.
I feel like a total out-of-shape Biggest Loser contestant plodding along while other people sprint around at high altitude breathing like it isn't even work!

But, I'm out there trying.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yay Me!

Wow. I just cannot get my act together to get exercise in.

Today, I went to meet someone for a hike at Red Rocks. I got there early and walked the bleachers twice. (Good for the glutes and quads) More athletic people run the bleachers for exercise - but between my extreme out-of-shape-itude, the altitude and my asthma - I went for the toning - not the cardio.

Blows you away though to watch a perfect phyisical specimen of a 20 year old male just jet up the bleachers in like - 5 seconds. Holy cow! - and if I were 20 years younger!

Then I hiked the trails around Red Rocks for maybe 2 miles. It was great exercise and really beautiful.

The highlight was watching some bridal party with their photographer stop by for a group photo with the rocks as a backdrop. The bridemaids had turquoise blue dresses and I can just imagine how great that picture is going to look against the rusty red rocks!!