Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Favorite Things: Step Stool

Time for another one of my favorite things.

As an adult who is 5 feet 5 inches tall (no matter what my doc's asst. says - so rude!) I need a bit of assistance to get items from the top shelves of my cupboards and other places in my house.
I had put off buying the much needed step tool for many years.
Most things in the stores are plastic and ugly. In fact I had one of those. Meh.

Until one day, puttering around a favorite antique store I found this:


How cute. It screams 70s to me and I love the lifetime of wear on the front edge of the step!
Only on one side though! Which tells me that this step tool lived with one owner and one house and probably stayed in one place it's entire life.

Now it has come to my home to help me and look fabulous in the process.

By the way, I also love my kitchy all metal kitchen cabinets! Aren't they fab?

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Laundry Rudeness

I live in a 22 unit condo building run by an HOA (home owners association).

We are all rather neighborly and kind to one another, but we have a few folks who treat the laundry room as if it is not a shared space.
I won't get into the drippy messes and loads of dog hair some people leave behind. What really bothers the rest of us is the laundry they leave sit for days, weeks, even months.

??? I don't understand.

See, we purchased brand new machines about two years ago, and painted and tiled the laundry room which also serves as the back entrance of the building.
We even bought and installed lockers for everyone to store their detergent and laundry money without hauling it up and down the stairs.

Nice huh?

We figured the cheerful paint job and aesthetically pleasing decor would encourage people to take pride in the space - as well as make it an attractive entry area.

But someone keeps piling up their crap - which gets in the way of our cleaning service for one thing! And is really annoying to the rest of us for another.

No pics of the mess available to share with you.

Am I wrong? Isn't this rude?

I mean, I can understand if you started a load of towels and forgot about them overnight. But how do you forget your sheets for a month? A cute outfit for three weeks? Bizarre.

I'm on the board so I'm asserting my power.

We have posted warning signs like this:

sorry, the text got cut off in the conversion process.

And I just pinned this on two different piles today.

Be honest, would this bother you? Am I out of line? Or is the laundry dumper?