Monday, September 01, 2008

I'm Too Cheap to Buy Tools!

Always have been.

I'm thinking about sewing some purses. (probably only one - maybe two)

But the two patterns I like best, require grommets - which in turn requires a grommet tool (pliers).

Considering my financial situation, it doesn't seem smart to spend money ($20) on 'tools' that I don't really need.

I tried looking on Craigslist. No luck.

I'd probably find a tool like this at a Garage Sale, but that will be hit or miss... and it's probably dangerous as I would find all sorts of other stuff to buy!

Anyone have a grommet tool they want to sell me cheap - or maybe just give me?

Otherwise... maybe I'll just sew button holes... or maybe welted holes. Ohhh that'd be nice if it wasn't so labor intensive.