Monday, September 01, 2008

I'm Too Cheap to Buy Tools!

Always have been.

I'm thinking about sewing some purses. (probably only one - maybe two)

But the two patterns I like best, require grommets - which in turn requires a grommet tool (pliers).

Considering my financial situation, it doesn't seem smart to spend money ($20) on 'tools' that I don't really need.

I tried looking on Craigslist. No luck.

I'd probably find a tool like this at a Garage Sale, but that will be hit or miss... and it's probably dangerous as I would find all sorts of other stuff to buy!

Anyone have a grommet tool they want to sell me cheap - or maybe just give me?

Otherwise... maybe I'll just sew button holes... or maybe welted holes. Ohhh that'd be nice if it wasn't so labor intensive.


  1. Couldn't you borrow one? Do you know anyone crafty who has one?


  2. I'll ask around - but so far... no.

  3. I don't have one, but maybe check out your local Freecycle...

    Hope this helps!

  4. I bet you could post and find one on Freecycle.

    Also, keep an eye on craft store mega sales. Joann's Fabric routinely has them on sale, but if you hold out long enough you'll find them 50% off.