Monday, March 16, 2009


Well, I finally got off my butt today.

I'm loving the time change! The sun is still up when I get home from work.
So I laced up my shoes, and did a few laps around the walking path in the park which is just a block away. I know. What excuse do I have?

I brought my little 6 pound weight ball on the walk, to work my arm muscles a bit. I like to pass it around my torso like you would in Basketball practice... and hold my arms out straight with the ball in my palm for resistance. Then also alternate arm curls. It's not much but it's a nice little addition to an ordinary walk. When I'm more ambitious I use it for crunches... or lying flat on my back and tossing it in the air... Actually I have an 8 pound ball for that. Makes a good chest press.

I do not run. I don't really have a desire to run. Except for the fact that so many people seem to enjoy it - and it's something it seems like my body should be able to do.

The park next door has a little man- made hill... with a ramp up one side (for dirt bicycles I think) and rugged rocky terrain down the other side.
So to push myself, I thought I would run up the ramp, and navigate the foot path down the other side a few times. I ran up an down about four times... and then took three laps walking around the park catch my breath. I was seriously winded!

In fact, I got the little wheezy sound in my throat that calls for my asthma inhaler - so I promptly went home and took a hit!

TRS Accountability: One pathetic walk with weight ball.


  1. If you get the "runner's high", you'll get hooked on running. I thought everyone experienced that...I just learned that's not true. Anyhoo...if you haven't run in a while, it's worth a shot. The feeling when all those endorphins are released is amazing. And motivating too. :) It's what has kept me in the gym very consistently since mid December...and has helped in my 11 lb weight loss. Whoo-hoo. I still have a few more to go...but I'm feeling really good these days...and I owe a lot of it to running. Because I just don't get the same "high" from resistence training. Blah. But I do it, b/c you have to build muscle to burn fat.

  2. Good for you! I like your idea of taking the weight ball with you for something different.

    I haven't been updating lately because I've been so busy uhh (mumble mumble). Busy, yes, but not with working out. I AM going to the pool tonight, though.

  3. Milissa,

    Yeah.. no runner's high for me. I don't get any kind of workout high. I think people like you just make that up! wink.
    I quit trying to run in jr high because I would get terrible stitches in my side. And now with asthma... and the fact that I don't enjoy it - I doubt I'll ever run.
    Rollerblading is my running. Too bad the park next door has a lousy rough path. The good path is a few miles away.