Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yay Me!

Wow. I just cannot get my act together to get exercise in.

Today, I went to meet someone for a hike at Red Rocks. I got there early and walked the bleachers twice. (Good for the glutes and quads) More athletic people run the bleachers for exercise - but between my extreme out-of-shape-itude, the altitude and my asthma - I went for the toning - not the cardio.

Blows you away though to watch a perfect phyisical specimen of a 20 year old male just jet up the bleachers in like - 5 seconds. Holy cow! - and if I were 20 years younger!

Then I hiked the trails around Red Rocks for maybe 2 miles. It was great exercise and really beautiful.

The highlight was watching some bridal party with their photographer stop by for a group photo with the rocks as a backdrop. The bridemaids had turquoise blue dresses and I can just imagine how great that picture is going to look against the rusty red rocks!!

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