Monday, November 05, 2007

Gifts for the best Mommies

Everyone is having babies these days!!

Here is the latest baby gift... for Mo's baby girl... ready for wrapping. (actually, I still have to stitch on the velcro tabs on the diaper pouch. Haven't figured out how to template that prior to assembly.)

I blogged about it's protype a few days ago, after duplicating the design from: .

I like this fabric much better than my first one.
I'm a little disappointed in my embroidery skills. Fortunately, it seems to improve each time.
Here's a sneak peek at the next one ... in progress: (suprises are wasted on some people, you know!!)
Kate was much easier to manage than Abigale. I told KH that by the time she names her baby - I'll have the embroidery down... just don't name it Anastasia!
KH says it's a toss-up between the fabric used for Kate's pouches... and the red, blue, green dots on the left side of this pic. I'm not sure either. I think the dots will be really cute (and gender neutral).


  1. oh my GOSH!!!! Is this MY Kate?

    It's beautiful!

  2. Yes you sneaky, impossible to surprise woman!

    Ahem, my best embroidery job yet. If I do say so myself. Notice: I didn't even TRY to do Katherine!