Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Oh No! What now?!

After much searching... I found this dress to wear to K's wedding this December.
It's quite lovely on... believe me, I'm surprised that I like it better on me than I do on the model!
It has a much more 1940s feel than it appears in this picture. And the hemline doesn't even look like that... whatever.
My new problem is... I'm looking for a necklace to wear with it and while searching for a photo to send a friend for jewlery consultation... I found THIS:

In the exact same price range! I could just exchange it - even steven.
Ack! Now what do I do? I guess I'll have to run to Nordstrom and go try this one on... maybe return the other one!
Ack! Why can't I just be done after I buy something?!?
With any luck, I'll try it on and the answer will be obvious. I wasn't thrilled with the blue one on the hanger... but once on - that overwhelming, "I feel pretty" cloud took over. It floats and swirls when you spin... great for dancing... as if.

If I feel as lovely or more lovely in this other dress, I'll know it's a real contender!
What would YOU do?
Never mind that I truely covet this dress: the fourth one on the page... it won't let me load the pic.
I tried it on. It's freaking FABULOUS!!
Oh... I'd kill to wear that dress... but funds don't allow!! Wah! Boo hoo. (and it's not really appropriate for a wedding I think)

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  1. Final countdown. I'm sticking with the blue dress.

    I had to order the gunmetal grey online to try it on... Nordstrom's here didn't carry it.

    If I could keep both dresses - I would. But I'm a little broke so it's just one... and it's blue.