Friday, December 28, 2007

Shaving Goosebumps

Tell me. Who is the big fat hairy genius that came up with the new Bow- armed shower curtain rods that are plaguing hotels??!?!?!?

Yeah, I understand that they provide more elbow room in the shower - but was elbow room really that much of a problem? So your elbow bumps a fabric or plastic shower curtain - is that painful or something?

I'll tell you what's painful. Shaving goosebumps.

You see... making more room in the shower DESTROYS the nice small pocket of warmth and steam that is critically important to the comfortable showering process!!
When you are... as I am... a very small animal (to quote Piglet from Winnie the Pooh) it's bad enough that all the water pressure has turned to tiny droplets by the time it reaches your head - but when you have goosebumps while bathing... something is seriously wrong!

The first morning that Mr. Burns and I were in San Francisco last week, I tried to shave my legs but instead of removing hair, I mostly removed the tips of my goosebumps! That's not attractive.

Well okay. I could wear pants that day... but in preparation for my friend's wedding day, when I would be wearing a lovely dress sans hose and with strappy heels... I wanted to have smooth, flawless looking legs.

For the rest of our stay in the hotel room, we propped the (heavy, metal) bathroom door (with no ability to stay open on it's own) open with one of Mr. Burns shoes. The idea was to get the entire bathroom, including the ceramic tub heated to a reasonable room temperature so that I could bath and shave my legs without goosebumps.

Mr. Burns tells me that the wide shower curtain rod is intended to eliminate the problem of the shower curtain billowing in (hot air/ cold air thing) Again. This is a serious problem? One that required a remedy? Because I think in all of my 37 years on this planet, the shower curtain has made a nuisance of itself maybe.... 5 times. IN 37 YEARS!!!!!
But shaving my own goosebumps is a much bigger problem. Am I the only one?


  1. Thanks for writing this.

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