Monday, December 10, 2007

Pretty Ribbons

Retro Ribbon I found these Christmas ribbons at a Church rummage sale last year. Aren't they pretty?
They are clearly remnants from some little old lady who never used them all up.

They are at least 25 years old! I remember this type of ribbon from when I was a kid.

Any ideas for how to use them? I love to wrap gifts with the quintessential crisscross. You know, the sort that makes four quadrants on top of the gift -- but the problem with this type of ribbon is that it doesn't tie into a nice bow. :-(
And it's one sided. And it doesn't curl all that well. But it's SO cute.

I finished wrapping my gifts today.
Sorry, I packed them all up for shipping before I thought to take a picture. I didn't use this ribbon this time. (Since I won't be there to watch them open... and the fact is... the ribbons on the presents freshly wrapped this afternoon are already smooshed - packed in a box - ready to send to Nebraska!)
But I'll take any ribbon tying suggestions to make the most of these retro ribbons next year!

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