Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Favorite Thing(s)

I don't cook or bake much so finding some favorite things in the kitchen is kind of a surprise!

When I lived in Omaha, my parents visited one weekend and we trolled around some estate sales.
This is a great activity with my parents because mom and I get to shop and dad gets to be around old stuff and talk to strangers (also old).
The best part of this activity is getting the stories from dad. He'll see some old tools or something like a wet stone and then regale me with stories of his childhood, sharpening knives, almost cutting someone's finger off.
I love taking him to antique stores because he can tell me the origination of anything and has a story about it - and then a sidebar story in addition. I love that (if you wondered about my tendancy to wander in storytelling, that's where I got it)!

Anyway, we're at an estate sale. 60 years of one woman's kitchen goods are spread out on card tables. Pyrex bowls, glass refrigerator dishes, untouched dish towels... everything.

Mom called me over to a table and said, "Don't you want a set of measuring cups just like mine?"

I didn't know it until then, but I did!

I love these measuring cups because you know they are precise for all those old recipies. They're stainless steel so they're indestructable. The simple styling puts function above form... but the form is cool too.

And mostly, I love them because every time I need a measuring a cup I'm reminded of my mom. It's like having her cups - but they're mine.


  1. My mom has those! I've been looking for them for YEARS!! She finally gave me two of them :)

  2. Aw! How sweet of your mom to break up the set!
    I'd be so worried they'll never get back together.

    If I find a set somewhere... I'll get them for you! But to be honest, I've never seen them ANYWHERE!