Saturday, June 07, 2008


Some friends complimented me on my comfy summer sandals.
Um... are you sure? These are my old lady sandals!

They're Naturalizers - the brand my mom wears.

(wow! I never noticed how flat and big and ugly my feet look in these shoes until I took this picture. Uhh.)

I only bought them (and two other pair of Naturalizers) last summer. I was having a problem with my hip and my doc told me to ditch the heels for a while.

As I explained this to my friends - with vivid details of whining about having to shelve all my three inch heels - one girl interjected,

"You're the only person I know who would complain about NOT wearing heels."

1) Uh. How many women do you know?
2) Clearly, I live in Colorado now!

I looked at the feet around me. All six tootsies were bedecked with flip flops. (er - aren't those for the shower? Or maybe getting the mail?) Oh. and excuse me. Not flip flops. Chacos.
$80 flip flops with arch support. Are you kidding me?

I would never spend $60 - $80 on shoes that I feel I couldn't wear out of the house!
Okay, I could wear 'em with yoga pants. All my other pants would drag on the ground. 3 inch heels required for all of them!

My attitude toward athletic shoes is similar. $60 - $120 for shoes limited to one category of clothing?!!! Workout clothes.

Please. With my shopping habits (TJMaxx, Department Store clearance racks) that's like 5 pairs of heels that would go with everything!

Dresses &

Yeah... everything. Work, church, parties, shopping. All very practical.

Now that I live in Colorado, I actually need athletic shoes. And as I'm learning... not just one pair. One pair for the gym - cross trainers I guess, so that I can suck at my attempts at tennis.
And another pair for trail hiking. It is the mountains after all.

I hate shopping for athletic shoes. I'd rather have a root canal than shop for athletic shoes. I've had a root canal. Not so bad. I don't see the big deal.

Athletic shoes? Ugh. No.

They're so uncomfortable. It seems I lost my arch after years of wearing cute shoes. Now shoes with arch support feel as if though there's a boiled egg in my shoe. If the arch feels okay then something else feels terribly wrong, tight or bumpy. Ugh.

But, a hot pair of heels - they're always just right.
It is a fact that I can run just as fast and probably more gracefully in three inch heels than I can in a pair of sneakers.

But I will acquiesce - that the gym, the tennis court and mountain trails are really no place for high heels. And to be honest, my heels wouldn't go with those outfits anyway.

An Aside: Colorado is so much more casual than other places/cities. It's all Columbia trail pants and t-shirts and fleece all the time.
When I first moved here, and went to the mountains with my girlfriends... I took normal 'going out clothes' along for evenings. Everyone told me I was too dressed up for those rugged, rustic bars. And it's true. Guys here dig on girls who can rock the jeans - t-shirt - tennis shoe look.
Well... skinny, flat-chested girls like me can't really work it in that outfit! My friend who moved away from Denver before I moved here warned me it would be like this! She couldn't take it either!
And... after viewing Sex and the City last night with my other girlfriends... all dressed to kill... one of them noted that NO ONE in Satc EVER wore jeans (or sneakers I might add).
I rest my case.


  1. I love those cute silver strappy heels. I have some just like them. I am addicted to heels. Even though they always make my feet hurt. If I was rich, I would own those Cole Haan Nike Air heels.

    But I also love my flip flops...

  2. i just dropped in from your comment at 'bring the rain' and NO i did not read ALL 641 comments there - just yours for some strange reason :)

    I live in Ottawa Canada and have worn NOTHING but flip flops all summer. even at work

    The key to comfy athletic shoes is the right fit. Do you have 'Running Room' or a similar store there? They will check your arch, your walk, etc and fit you for the proper shoe. Pricy, but definitely worth it if you have problems with your hips, knees or back.

  3. Eek, ditch the cute silver strappy heels now!

  4. Don't listen to the Doc! Wear the heels!