Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Return of Great Style?

Once upon a time there was a catalogue filled with the most beautiful clothes made of soft sweet fabrics and colors in flattering comfortable cuts - that both my mom and I adored!

That was quite a feat circa 1989-1991 - to find clothing that mom and I agreed on! But Tweeds Inc managed it! They had cute, sassy - yet classic looks for me - and tall sizing for mom - a priority for she with long legs and arms - always tricky to fit.

Mom and I would pour over the pages, and pick out a few items so we could share shipping. I was in college by then - the first time we didn't share an address.

Recently, my mom - she who is not Internet savvy - asked me to search for some clothing catalogues featuring 'Tall' sizing and sign her up on their mailing lists. That's my task for today - since reminded me of the request in our last phone conversation.

The Tweeds catalogue mysteriously disappeared. I still have a few issues tucked away. Sometimes I take them out and fantasize about clothing so rich and creamy and soft.
I remember those pages were the first where I saw clothing colors described as 'Eggplant', 'Grass' and 'Wheat'. Their take on a t-shirt was so original and classic and flattering that added shipping costs were justifiable! I loved everything Tweeds. Comparable to many of the items found at today's Anthropology - but not as heavily priced - eek!

Again today... I searched the Internet for possible links to Tweeds. All I find are past articles of the company's demise. Not a lot of information there either.

Yet - I am encouraged. On trips to TJMaxx in the past 8 months... I've found a few items with the Tweeds label. Be still my heart. It's the same tell-tale classic styling and great fabrics. These can't be clothes from some warehouse that closed 15 years ago - can they? I take it as an indication that Tweeds is nurturing a comeback - and these items on the rack at TJMaxx are harbingers of great styling - about to be reintroduced to the masses.

May we bow our heads in prayer - of hope and thanksgiving...

Does anyone have insider skinny of a come-back? Anyone?

Meanwhile... any recommendations for catalogues for Tall women like my mom - that might even feature large shoe sizes? I hooked Mom up with Eddi* Bau*r - J J!ll- Ch!cos and Co!dwater Cr**k. Every other tall size provider seemed to cater to 20-something clubbers! How strange - manufactures seem to think that tall women shrink down to 5'7" once they reach age 65. No wonder my mom and her sisters have such a rough time with pants!


  1. Anonymous5:34 PM

    i miss tweeds too : ( their "sister" company, Silhouettes misses the mark by a grotesque and exceedingly long shot. interesting that you mention anthropologie. i guess it will have to do, but it's just not the same. i have no better suggestion.

  2. I'm also nostalgic for the Tweeds catalog. In the early days of "grunge," it showed chunky, handmade-looking sweaters with long chiffon floral skirts and low-heeled boots. The models were always traipsing through heather looking natural and carefree. They made grunge attractive and flattering for the mainstream woman. I loved the retro prints of those skirts, and hung on to a couple of them long after the catalog went out of business!