Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another Week, Another Weigh-In

It's Tuesday again, so time for another weigh-in. This is the second week this year that I did all my exercises (and one extra), so I was hoping to be encouraged by the number on the scale. If not, I know exactly what was to blame: Valentine's candy (though I've tried to eat only moderate amounts).

I was definitely encouraged...I'm down 2 whole pounds from last week, to -4.2! Woo hoo!

Ronnica accountability: 19 laps in the pool (35 minutes; Monday), 20 laps in the pool (35 minutes; Tuesday)

Congratulations Ronnica!

I've been slacking off due to my cold. First it was the horrible symptoms. Now it's the extreme fatigue. But I plan to be back at yoga before the weekend - if my respitory system cooperates.

TRS Accountability: Zip, Zero, Nada

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