Thursday, February 05, 2009


I'm sick.

Just the other day I realized all my friends and their children were battling colds. I thought to myself: "I haven't been sick in a while... how lucky."

And I swear I wasn't cocky about it. It got me anyway.

I just got the cold yesterday - so that doesn't excuse that I've only been to yoga two times in the past two weeks.

And today, I stayed home for the morning, intending to do what work I could from home - but went into work to do the things I have to do there. I think I'll do the same tomorrow - except I have to do the homework. Or I can tell my co-worker that I can't, and she will do it. We'll see.

Thing is, I'm 'on-call'/ 'freelance' which means I don't get benefits. So I figured half a day's pay was better than none. Pppplllbtt.

My boss is out sick too.

My temperature is 101. Not alarming I know, but still very uncomfortable.
I really require sympathy when I am sick - so I called my mom. Her sympathy was half-hearted. Hard to really work up the pity when your daughter says. "I'm thick." It's too funny.

I called three friends for sympathy and none of them answered. None of them called back. Took every fiber of my being not to call Mr. Burns.

I know.

... and I'm also a drama queen.
Lil' bit.

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  1. Sorry to hear! I hope you get to feeling better soon...and that you'll put in the rest needed to get there. Once you're well, THEN you can worry about getting back on track with exercise.