Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Huge Life Improvement Accomplishment!

See that pile in my hallway?

It's all stuff I pulled out of the closets and decided to get rid of months ago! All this plus an antique rocking chair.

It's actually my sofa fund.

It's been sitting there a while waiting for me to post it on Craigs*list.

Well, I finally took dozens of pictures and got it all on Craigs*list today. If it all sells as planned, I should make $300.

Yeah. $300 worth of stuff that I bought and didn't use. (or was given to me and never opened) Sigh. If you see something that you gave me... Good heavens I'm sorry... but I live in 750 square feet. Every foot is precious and if I'm not using it... well, it has to go.

So far.. one lady wants my red loveseat sofa slip cover. She'll pay be $30!! Yeehaw! While on the phone with her I asked if she needed decorative shelves or iPod cases.... she might. Whoo hoo!

Can you imagine how happy I'll be if all this stuff sells?


  1. I love being able to sell my crap online. I just sold a bunch of old crochet booklets on eBay (someone gave them to me when I was like 15 - and for some reason I have been carting them around ever since) and I made 25 bucks! Not much, but since they were free, hello pure profit! Ha ha

    To answer your question about the high chair cover - my mom made it, I found the fabric at JoAnns and fell in love with it. I asked her to make me an apron out of it, which she did, and she also made two high chair covers, which are super handy.

    Thanks for wandering over to my blog and commenting!

  2. I ADORE selling things that I'm really not using. I can't seem to throw ANYthing away... but if I can sell it for a dollar? BAM it's out! I guess I just don't want anything to go to waste... so selling (even if only for a few bucks) is better than trashing. Now, if I can actually make some decent cash? Lookout! What did the world do before craigslist???

    Also, thanks for the comments!!! I would never get ticked off about someone's honest opinion! That's why I asked the internets. I agree about the "chopping me off at the middle" thing. I thought I wanted something with a dropped waist and a full skirt... but everything with a dropped waist totally cuts me off and makes my legs look short. So then I started trying on a-lines... which I originally thought were boring, but once I saw myself in them, I thought, OH! this I like! :)

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to check out the pictures and leave feedback. Much appreciated.