Monday, January 28, 2008

Name a food - any food!

Last Friday Mr. Burn's church had a fundraising dinner. For some reason we hadn't decided yet if could make it and had not yet purchased tickets to the dinner before one of the organizers cornered us and asked if we could help out in the kitchen. Sure.
We need dishwashers.
Oh brother!
Anyone who knows me - knows that doing dishes is my least favorite activity EVER. There is not much I like less.

So that's how we found ourselves doing dishes for 200 people. That's 200 x salad plates. 200 x dinner plates. 200 x dessert plates. Water goblets, wine glasses, coffee mugs. Silverware!!! Ugh.

We took a break to make a plate for ourselves. The menu was spaghetti - so since I'm allergic to tomatoes, I scooped up some plain noodles and scoured the cupboards for something with which to dress it. I ended up with Malt Vinegar. Not bad.

The young volunteer bartenders saw what I was eating and lo and behold the topic of my allergies became conversation. Oh boy!

I had to laugh when Mr. Burns, in answer to their subsequent question said, "Name a food."

The first blurted out, "Eggs?" "Bingo!" I said, "I'm allergic!"
The second guy said, ""Chicken." Two for two! Nice work - but that game is like shooting fish in a barrel!

Speaking of fish. Lent will start soon and so begin the Lenten Fish Fries. I don't mind volunteering... but even for charity it's hard to pay admission to a meal you can't eat. Mass produced Mac 'n Cheese is not so yummy. And subjecting myself to seeing all that yummy looking fish and knowing I can't have any - Well - I'd rather stay home.

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