Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another Favorite

To go along with my resolutions to entertain more - I discovered the need to have more plates available at my house. (I've never been married so I never acquired a full set of dishes - I've been using the same set of 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates since college!!)

I usually keep things simple - serving kabobs and various appetizers, cut fruit and veggies. What is important to me is the people. My people don't care if everything looks perfect - just keep their glasses and their tummies full!

But, what I can't bear is the thought of 1) serving my guests off of paper plates - tacky!!! and 2) the guilt of tossing paper plates in a landfill just 'cuz I hate doing dishes!

So, leading up to my housewarming party I browsed some antique stores and found these old glass party plates.
Over time, I've added to my collection. All glass party plates and dessert bowls! The bowls are curvy and heavy and lovely. Not heavy, just solid with a nice heft.
Anytime I'm in an antique store I keep an eye out for more. At an estate sale last fall, I found a set complete with the corny little zippered case! How kitschy is that!
And, I pick them for about the same price as a package of new paper plates - but these are reusable.
You should see the adorable 50s finger sandwich plates complete with punch cups I picked up last summer. Maybe I'll share if I dig that box out sometime soon.
Last summer I hosted a Sunday Brunch in my building's courtyard. Many people gasped when they realized I wasn't using paper plates! Not what they expected I guess - especially since it's enough trouble carrying the food and such down three flights to get outside! But, I think it's wrong to eat from paper and plastic. Won't happen at my house!

I only wish I had enough to serve the crowd at dad's birthday BBQ.
It's gonna kill me to use paper plates, no matter how apropos for a BBQ.


  1. Man, I need to go antique shopping with you, you find some kills.

    I used to use nice plates, but we entertained way too much last year and I got completely burnt out on doing dishes. I probably should get back in the groove of "real" dishes now... I've been lazy about it!

  2. Hey thanks!

    I should just start posting all my favorite antique finds! Which is pretty much what I'm doing already.

    I know what you mean about hating dishes. My absolute least favorite thing to do. And I should tell you - the last time I had a dishwasher was 4 apartments ago (8 years!)