Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Good Times at the Ranch

My brother tends to plan things without thinking them through.

When he brought his family out to visit and ski last month, it took him another week after he returned home to tell me that he's planning a big surprise party for Dad's 75th Birthday.

Gee man, I'm glad you told me - so that I can arrange to be home for it!!!

Well, this is an occassion.
My family tends to keep things simple - so my suggestion to make appropriate invitations was way out there!

Until I came up with this:I love, love, love them!
I think my brother really likes them too. I made them up to be mailed as postcards. The detailed information is on the business side. I mailed the majority to relatives, but my brother will just hand out the rest to folks at home... neighbors, parishoners etc.

I really like how they turned out - except the printer surprised me with the white border. I didn't want - or ask for - the white border. I think that's what he thought of when I said "postcard" though I wish he hadn't.

When he sent me jpgs of the mock ups - I was opening them on a white background so I didn't notice! Boo hiss!

Oh well. No sense wasting more paper and resources just to eliminate the weird little border.

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  1. i think that invite is super cute!