Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Veggie Surprise

Last summer Mr. Burns and I would walk down the bike path along the creek outside his condo to get to the farmers market. Seriously the location is amazing - and what a great way to shop for food!

We could pick up a weeks worth of bell peppers, fresh corn and tomatoes (for him- I'm allergic to tomatoes.) and other salad and sandwich fixings for a crazy low price + a nice walk in the sun.

On the way back, he would wax poetic about how great it would be to grow tomatoes on his patio. I looked up some container gardening plans on the Internet and showed them to him. But like most things, he left it at an idea.

Well, shortly after Easter I got the idea to start some plants for him. Rather than buy a starter kit I just planted seeds from my most recently consumed peppers in a shallow take-out dish from Tokoyo Joe's. The lid served as a terrarium. I had to buy tomato seeds - and planted them in another container.

Here's what I have so far:
Mr. Burns likes Green peppers the best - so of course the Orange and Red ones came in first and fast and frenzied! I just opened the lid again today and was thrilled to find a couple little plants in the Green section!
The tomatoes on the other hand:
refuse to grow. Is this their way of saying they don't like me either? My body doesn't like them, so they won't grow for me!
I'm going to move the pepper plants to some small pots - then I'll use that container to try tomatoes again. I am just worried that I'll kill them by putting them in pots. The terrarium effect is so low maintenance... if I have to be responsible for watering them I'm likely to kill them.
I'm going to wait to Mr. Burns what I've done. He's been working out of town a lot lately so I'll wait til things calm down and he can be expected to be home to water them.
Aww. Look at my cute little veggie friends!
In this shot you can just make out the two little green pepper plants in the upper right corner!


  1. i'm trying the whole container gardening thing this year. i wasn't as brave as you though, and i started with little plants instead of seeds. things seem to going okay so far... i haven't forgotten to water them too many days in a row.

  2. What a clever idea for a terrarium. I'm planting lettuce and a couple of tomato plants in containers.