Thursday, October 04, 2007

I Can't Commit!

The main thing my home is lacking is art.
I've always been a little afraid of it I guess. More to the truth is... anything I really love is just out of my price range.
Part of my problem is that I don't want pictures (paintings) of things. I don't want a picture of a barn in my living room. A landscape... hmmm maybe.
My big pet peeve is paintings or drawing of things that you would already find in that room. As in... a drawing of a pedestal sink with a chair and towel in the bathroom. Uh. I'm in the bathroom. I see a sink and a towel. Why do I need a picture of it?
Even that really great painting of the dog lying on the bed... which I love! if I have a bed, and a dog... I can probably see that play out in real life.

I like photography best... but getting pictures big enough... or such that I want to stare at every day is just not so easy.
So I guess I'm drawn more to abstracts. Just give me a canvas with some color on it. If I have to think about what it might be... so much the better.
But today, in a little antiques store I found this beauty for $5.00!
It's a batik... the oil or wax is what stained the matting over time. I think it's a little lost in the tiny frame and green mat... so I'll frame it in a thicker black frame with a white or cream mat to make the flower pop a bit. Opinions?

Here's a close up out of the frame:
Someone drew a pencil line down it to line it up with the matting, as the art is (surprisingly - in a good way) bigger than I originally thought. I suppose there is no way to erase that line. Also there is the yellow green discoloration on the sides. But that may be the original color before it faded.

I already have a spare oblong black frame... and I thought I could mount it in there a bit off center.
like this... or maybe horizontally? Maybe best in a big square frame.
Or, do we think considering my dark wood furniture (and that the couch will be dark brown) that I should go for a nice wood finish frame rather than black?
I'm also thinking of playing with either watercolors or pastels to make two small complements to this piece... I'm thinking circles with the same colors... to hang in a cluster arrangement with this one.

Anyway. I feel like I'm finally off to a start.

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