Thursday, October 04, 2007

So Far - Big Changes

If anyone read this and it doesn't appear anyone has! - it must look like I haven't accomplished anything.
Well, I haven't! Work got really crazy and I met a great guy (one of the goals) so this page got back burner.
The only progress I've made has been in the Apartment Therapy realm. My inspiration is here:

My living room gained a marked improvement with the purchase of a this credenza last winter.

Big change from this mess eh?

I've also selected a new couch... the purchase of which is on hold. But I did get a new 8x10 cream colored shag rug. It was a super bargain!! When I went back to Omaha for a visit, I stopped at Nebraska Furniture Mart and found the exact rug I was looking for ... marked down to $200! That's as little as I can expect to pay for an 8x10!! Amazing!

For now it's rolled up in my hallway, pining for the couch so it can take center stage when the time is right!! big improvement eh?!

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