Thursday, October 25, 2007

She Has So MANY Secrets!!!

Ugh. The worst thing about this stupid Vicky's Secret job -- besides the incredibly self-important managers who seem to think selling undies is very important work -- is the terrific lack of training!

Yeah, I know what you're thinking... how hard can it be to sell underwear? Well, it's not but Vicky is one self-important broad. There are all sorts of goals and rules and restrictions and incredible BS. All of this stuff they never bothered to tell me - but then look at me like I'm a moron because I don't know.

Today, I was working the fitting room and wardrobe center. I've been assigned to the fitting room for some portion of all my 5 shifts so far, so I didn't expect any surprises.

While collecting and rehanging all the lingerie, I heard a strange sound. Finally, I realized there was a pager on the tiny countertop, vibrating it's little heart out.
Hmm. Did a customer lose that in a dressing room? Is it something very important for the managers?

So I crackle onto the headset (epitome of self importance) and say, "There's a pager going off in the fitting room. Does anyone know what that is about?"
A crackle back, "Yes TRS, that's for you - it's for customers in the fitting to let you know they need assistance."

Really?! I've been running the stupid fitting room every day that I've been there and this is the first I heard about it! (there are little buttons inside the fitting room that light up a button on the outside... so a customer can ask for another size. I always wondered how I was supposed to see them when I was out on the floor.)

Without so much as a pause I replied, "Hmm. What an interesting way to learn about that."

Of course there was no reply.

Ahh. But the tide may be turning. Prayers, if you will, about an important job opportunity that will put me back in my career field. God has been trying to teach me about patience ... and I think He has a reward in mind.
I'll gladly surrender my 30% VS discount for the answer to this lesson!

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