Friday, October 05, 2007

My Renewed Passion for Soup

I love soup. It makes me happy. It makes me warm and cozy. It always tastes so good. I mean really, have you ever had soup that wasn't delicious?

What is funny is that I didn't realize until I reached my 30s just how much I love soup. I think I was having Minestrone one day after having another delicious soup a few days before and it hit me. I really enjoy soup.

Shortly after that profound realization, my soup days were over. You see, my doctor explained that I'm allergic to many simple foods: carrots, celery tomatoes, chicken.

If you know anything about soup - those are the very things that make up any basic soup stock. Woe is me. No soup. I've been pretty much soup free since late 2003!

So imagine the sheer joy I felt upon discovering a line of soups just for me!!!!
Okay. Pacific Natural Foods is not making them just for me, considering they are mass produced. But the ingredient list is completely TRS safe.

They are also organic, all natural and gluten free - none of which matters to me but I know plenty of people who will be thrilled to know it's available. (actually, some of you might find it helpful to have something like this on hand if you have friends or relatives who suffer from celiac disease -gluten intolerance. It's always nice to know you can avoid giving your guests an allergic reaction with minimal effort!)

I found these at Super Target, which is terribly handy.
Yesterday I tried the Butternut Squash and it was just SOOOOOOO tasty. I'm thinking the Buttery Sweet Corn will be tasty with some potatoes and fresh corn mixed in.

Oh sweet happiness! SOUP IS BACK!

Back when I had to give up soup, my mom and I spent some time trying to figure out what to substitute for the basics in soup stock. Now that's a hoot. The girl who doesn't cook* is going to make her own soup stock! Absurd.

I did find an organic soup broth from Swanson that is also TRS safe (also at Super Target). I use that to make my fabulous Squash Bisque... but I just don't have that many soup recipies... nor the patience to tinker with it.
So finding these ready made soups is a real coup!!

* FYI - I can cook. I actually cook quite well. In fact, I guess my friends hear me say so often that I don't cook that they think I can't cook! Please, who can't follow directions? When I do make a dish... everyone is shocked that it's so good!
More often than not I simply choose not to cook. It's too much work, too much mess and I've never figured out how to keep produce around long enough to eat it!

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