Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Why are menial jobs so much work?

For the past few years I've been doing contract and freelance work. It's been great. Good pay, fun work and fairly exciting. But for now that well has run dry. It typically slows down a bit as the holidays approach, but this year it's actually a problem. It could pick up in 6-12 months, but I need to find something else to do in the meantime.

Right now I appreciate the opportunity to try on some new hats (so to speak) and to take a few months to really discover what I want to do next.

So far, I took two months off - doing nothing. I've looked around the market here and I've had some nibbles - but nothing that will pan out until after the beginning of 2008.

Anyway, I looked into work doing something I've always wanted to do... work at a portrait studio during the busy holiday season!!!!
I got the job... it's just above minium wage and it's only part-time until I complete training... so I got another job at Vic-toria's Secret to tide me over.

I think the secret is that she's a pain in the @ss!!!

I've never done so much BS work just to do a sh!tty, minimum wage, retail job!!
They only have a million different kinds of bras. I'm supposed to learn the names and categories of each one and how they're different. Not to mention the other bazillion types of panties, their names and where in the store to find them!

On my first day I spent four hours straight on my feet, not allowed to have water on hand.... and having to ask permission to get a drink of water or go to the bathroom!!! Arrgh! I'm too old ( and too experienced) to be treated like a child! Four hours without a sip of water! I'm going to corporate with that! On top of that, new employees have to go online to submit availablity for hours... and the website was dang near impossible to register and log into - and believe me I'm not an idiot when it comes to accomplishing such tasks! I spent two hours on computer last night, doing it wrong but getting no help from the site to correct or navigate the process!

The portrait studio is great so far though. They also have some BS training modules but at least the manager knows they're bullsh!t and doesn't assign any further importance to it.
I got to take pictures of kids today... and that was really fun. It's really satisfying to hear the parents ooh and ahh over the pictures so much that they can't decide what they like the best.

The worst part is... I had to buy a new outfit to wear at the Vicky's Secret job.
No biggie, it's nothing that I wouldn't wear anyway - black pants and a black jacket... the depressing moment happened in a certain discount department store where I found some pants on sale. That's where I realized that two months ago, I could earn those pants in one hour. Now it will take four hours to earn the money to cover that expense!!!

I shared that thought with Mr. Burns (formerly referred to as Mr. B) who was sympathetic. While shopping though... he picked out a few shirts for himself, a golf sweater and a pair of jeans, so when we reached checkout he wanted to save time at the register by combining our purchases. (so he paid for my pants and I bought lunch) But the cashier ringing it up said, "She gets one thing? That's unusual. It's normally the other way around!"

The whole thing was really strange to me.... I've never had anyone but my mom buy me clothes before!

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