Saturday, October 27, 2007


My dear, dear friend KH, the very cool chick pilot - called me yesterday to tell me.... she's pregnant! Yay! It's still early, but promising. I'm so happy for her.

It was just last month that I shared with her the rip off I did of a cool baby gift designed by the fabulous lady behind .

This is my version. I had to recreate the pattern myself. They are pouches to add to your diaper bag... the big one is for baby's food, bowls and spoon... the smaller one for baby wipes and a handful of diapers.
I made it for a friend who is due right about now! KH said, "How cute. I hope I get pregnant soon so I get adorable gifts from you!"

So today I poked into the fabric store to look at some more fabrics and nursery patterns.
Well, guess what happened there.
The very fact that KH is pregnant is what pulled me into the fabric store. While in line at the checkout I overheard the conversation between two women behind me... describing the younger woman's job. It sounded like she worked at a production company... so once we were both out of the store I stopped her, apologized for overhearing their conversation, and asked where she works. She was lovely, charming and kind and told me to look up the company and call her at work.
Amazing... I picked up a job lead at the fabric store!!
I love this kid already! (the one in utero)

Oh, about the patterns. Who knows if I'll get around to them... but on sale for 99 cents each I figure I'll have a good source for baby gifts and hopefully I'll get to reproduce myself one day and have a cute room to decorate.

Here's what I got: I would use much much cooler fabrics but you get the idea!

The one on the left includes the Fitted Sheet, Dust Ruffle, Bumpers, Quilt, Pillow, Diaper Stacker and Organizer.

I also picked up this one I've been eyeing... for myself.

I'll make the short red cape coat on the bottom... if I ever get around to it. Probably in green or blue.

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  1. I have no one to blame but myself!

    I got a phone call tonight from Super Mom - Kelly. The first words out of her mouth were. "I WANT ONE! I'm just showing Ray that TRS is making these cute little accessories, and why isn't there one for me?"

    Well, so much for the surprise! I told her that what she didn't know is that I've already picked out fabric for baby Kate's accessories!

    I guess now, something else will have to be a surprise.