Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Wednesdays are my hell day at work. The culmination of the entire week is in the balance on Wednesday. If I'm behind on Wednesday there is no way to catch up - so I couldn't possibly make it to yoga today.

Instead, I started my work day late because I visited my chiropractor this morning.
Oh how I love her!

I feel so. much. better.
Still much improvement neccessary but such a relief to have some relief you know?

Even better because my chiropractor and I are the same personality type so we really enjoy our visits. (too bad I have to pay for them then huh?) She even rejoiced in my news of obtaining a job - and I don't think it was because I can now afford to see her!!
She even told me that she was baffled at my previous discussions of the struggle of looking for work because she sees me as a very sharp person, and people should be begging to hire me. Funny how it doesn't work that way!

TRS accountability: Tuesday, January 13 one hour yoga
TRS accountability: Wednesday, January 14 chiropractic treatment - praise God!

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