Monday, January 05, 2009

It's Ronnica!

First, TRS read my New Year's post where I gave all my lofty goals for the year (is it bad to think that they were lofty only 5 days into the new year?), and then she asked if we could be accountable to one another for our exercise goals. Next, she asked me to join this blog in order to keep track. Hmm, maybe I should really just do this.

This is day 5 of the year, but I work in weeks, so today is a sort of Day 1. That said, it was really no different than yesterday. I've got two major health goals: exercise 3x a week and eat better.

I don't diet, and never have. Instead, my plan is to make the better choice. I turn every food option into a choice: I can have a quarter pounder meal or the kid's meal. The kid's meal is better, so I'll eat that. For a snack, I could have a bowl of ice cream, or peanut butter crackers. Peanut butter crackers are better, so I'll have that. You get the idea. (And yes, it's possible to choose between two better options, but lets face it, I've got a long way to go before you could describe what I eat as "healthy.")

I have more to share, but for now I just want to say I WILL BE GOING TO THE POOL TOMORROW. Swimming laps is my exercise of choice, and I will be doing that tomorrow after work.

TRS, you'll hold me to that, won't you? I really don't think I'll do it without that.


  1. Oh, I'll hold you to it chicky. Report back tomorrow. I'd better see a soggy swimsuit!

  2. Thanks, TRS. I need it. I can't believe I almost forgot my gear, but I remembered it this morning! (the pool is on my way home from work)