Monday, January 19, 2009

Mostly Excuses

So, because of sickness last week, this was the first week where I was able to attempt my 3 workouts/week goal. I didn't quite get there, but I have good excuses, okay?

Saturday I did go on a walk with the roomie, so that was workout 2, but workout 3 didn't quite come together. I had thought I would go on a walk again Sunday afternoon, but then I ate a big lunch was worn out from the kiddies in the morning and wanted to rest up for the kiddies in the evening.

So yeah, that's a lame excuse. I had an above-average active Sunday, but no workout or anything that would actually resemble a workout (since I don't think y'all would by the "well, I WATCHED the kids run around, does that count?" thing).

I'm going to work on going to the pool at least 2 times during the week, so I don't postpone my workouts to the weekend, when I'm lazier and less schedule-driven. This week, I think my schedule will allow it!

Ronnica accountability: 1 20-minute walk Saturday

TRS Accountability: Sunday 1 hour yoga - Monday, all hopes of exercise dashed by epic laziness.

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