Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Yep, it's Tuesday. This last week I've not been as good at the eating as I would like, and obviously I didn't make my exercise quota, either. I was nervous to step on the scale, but hey, it's just a number right?

I'm at -1.8. That's a half pound more than last week's -2.3, but still less than ground zero. Yes! Because of the snow, I won't be going to the pool this evening like I planned (Raleigh drivers are maniacs on the snow/ice), so that'll throw off my plans to go to the pool two times this week. I do plan on sticking to my goal of 3 exercise sessions this week, though!

TRS accountability - zip. frustrated because tomorrow may be too busy to get to class, but I had an HOA meeting after work tonight. bah

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  1. Better to skip the pool and stay alive than to risk your life for exercise!