Thursday, January 15, 2009

Making Time for It

I've been staying late at work almost every night for the past two weeks just to make the 7:15 yoga class.

It's a little ridiculous.
The yoga studio is just a few blocks from work and I don't want to make a second car trip from home back to the same area. That means I don't get home until at least 8:30 each night - then I don't feel like doing any jobs around the house.

My job is deadline oriented and Thursday's are the big day. One advantage about Thursday's schedule is that I have to wait for someone else to complete part of the job before I can take over and do my part. And, I have limited hours I can work (can't go over 39 hours) so while she was working on that part, I left and went to yoga at 2:00!!!

Awesome. It was less crowded and the studio had the kiss of sunlight streaming in. Very nice!

TRS accountability: One hour yoga


  1. Hey, that's nice. I like working out in the sun or at least when it's sunny. (I guess that's why I'm a swimmer, haha.) Come on, summer!

  2. LOL the word verification thingy was "parchysi."