Monday, January 12, 2009

Getting More People on the Bandwagon

After missing 3 days of yoga in a row - I went in and bought my first month of unlimited visits. Better make the most of it. Of course, being the Queen of Justification, I tell myself that the cost of yoga is comparable to the cost of chiropractic and massages that I need without it.

I went to class tonight and found more stiff spots. Sheesh! I think it's time to get some help from my chiropractor - there's no way I can loosen that stuff up on my own. I'm hoping she can get the tough stuff and then I can go from there.

Also, it's funny how you can feel progress one day - then suddenly it's hard again - but something that was hard last week is now doable. The body is a funny, fickle thing.

There is an adorable older lady at my job who told me she is interested in trying yoga. She's in her 50s or 60s and recently bought a yoga DVD, but hasn't tried it yet. I advised her to use the modifications if the full pose is too hard. And don't feel like you have to hold it for as long as the instructor. You gotta work your way up sometimes.
Then I suggested that she go to the free classes (the studio is very close to work) so that the instructors can correct her form, and she can ask questions so that she's more comfortable with the DVD at home. She's so cute - I offered to go to her first class with her and she said, "Oh please do!" She's a little bummed that she has to buy yoga clothes and a mat. But she doesn't want to expose herself during Down Dog either! Nothing is cheap she says. (there I advised her to go to TJMaxx or Ross and get all she needs for under $50)

I'm going to hook her up with a week of free classes. Plus, by sending new people to the studio - I get bonus credit on my account there.
AND... another woman at work caught me changing into yoga clothes - and wants to start going again - so we'll have a whole crew there eventually! (maybe we can get the corporate discount going!!)

TRS accountability: One hour yoga and excessive moaning.

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